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There is one document that provides for the disposition of your property at the time of your passing – your will.  Basically, this piece of paper details how much and to whom your various assets should be distributed.  In addition to that, you can also craft your will to provide for the welfare of minor children.


At the Smykowski Law Offices, we acknowledge your concerns and will spend time and dedicated attention in order to know your case better before drafting your will.  We make sure that your wishes in relation to the distribution of your assets are carried out rightfully in time of your death.  Our firm understands that every client’s needs are different.  Thus, we will not discount the importance of your concerns, and will not rush you through the process.  Every detail should be carefully crafted.

Why a Will is Important


In the absence of your will, the court will dispose of your property via intestacy laws.  Meaning to say, the people who inherit your estate will be defined by nothing more than their degree of relationship to you.  And the implications?  When this happens, the court will not take into account your lifetime wishes for the disposition of your property and hard-earned assets.  Thus, the way to ensure that your final wishes are carried out in the process is by successfully drafting a will.  You can prevent the court from deciding anything related to your assets when you craft a will detailing how your estate should be distributed to your heirs.


In other words, a will provides both your family and the court with clear direction as to how to distribute your estate upon your death.


A properly executed will should outline the following:

  • A list of properties you own

  • Where you want your property to go and how you want this accomplished

  • The people in your life you wish to provide for

  • Who should protect your minor children


Take control of who makes the decisions regarding your estate or the court will do it for you. When this happens, your exact desire on how they should be distributed will not be reflected or considered.

Let’s Work Together

To learn more about drafting your complex or simple will or if you have questions regarding the best estate plan for you and your family, schedule a free consultation by clicking below or call (858) 484-0264 to make an appointment. You can also inquire at

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