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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Personal Attention

At Smykowski Law Offices, we understand that legal proceedings can be both emotionally and physically difficult to deal with.  If you have never been to law school, then chances are that you may not be familiar with the terminology being used to discuss your case or even comprehend completely what you need to do to be successful.  Some law firms allow their clients to stumble blindly through the process, taking care of the legal side of things but never fully explaining what is going on.  The Smykowski Law Offices offers a different approach.​


Robert A. Smykowski  & David P. Smykowski take the time to work one-on-one with their clients so that they can fully comprehend what is being done on their behalf.  By providing personal attention and individualized service, Robert A. Smykowski & David P. Smykowski are able to better articulate the goals of each one of their clients, leading to a more satisfactory outcome for all parties involved.

Experienced Advocacy

Successfully executing a legal case is about choosing the right lawyer to represent you.  Robert A. Smykowski  &  David P. Smykowski have over 40 years of experience, specializing in estate planning, probate and living trusts. They understand the importance of their role as legal advisors and mediators in cases that often require immense understanding and personal attention.  Because many of their clients come to them under unhappy circumstances, Robert A. Smykowski & David P. Smykowski proceed with discretion and empathy.


They take the time to understand the unique context of each case and provides experienced legal advocacy that is customized for the best interests of their client. With a a vast portfolio of experience, no case is too complex for Robert A. Smykowski &  David P. Smykowski.  They specialize in providing a voice for those who may be unable to speak for themselves by relieving some of the stress associated with coping with financial hardships, or estate management preceding the death of a loved one.​​

Knowledgeable Advice

When individuals require legal advice, they want to feel as if they are being provided with the best representation available.  This means that they receive knowledgeable advice that will help them make the right decisions from which they will benefit.  The Smykowski Law Offices understands this and provides dedicated service that is honest, informative and extensively researched.  The Smykowski Law Offices is devoted to helping individuals better understand their own proceedings so that they can make well advised and informed choices for both themselves and their loved ones.

Meet the Team

Committed to Excellence. Dedicated to Quality.

Meet the Team

Robert A. Smykowski

Robert Smykowski has personally prepared living trust estate plans for tens of thousands of clients. He is a highly experienced and skilled lawyer focusing his practice in the area of Living Trusts and Estate Planning.  During the last 40 years, he has developed a reputation for his experience in handling these issues.  Lawyers, CPAs, financial planners, insurance professionals and his own clients send him many referrals.

He lives in Poway, CA with his wife of 42 years.  Together they raised 4 wonderful children.  The oldest daughter followed in her dad’s footsteps and became an estate planning attorney with a very successful practice in Walnut Creek, CA.  The second child, a son, graduated from University of San Diego School of Law, passed the bar exam and has joined the firm.  The youngest two children have taken a different path and pursued careers in the technology industry.

In addition to having a law degree, Mr. Smykowski also holds an electrical engineering degree from New York University and credits towards a Masters in Business Administration.  It is this knowledge that allows him to write and update his own computer software program.  This fact, in addition to his very organized and streamlined process, saves much time thereby saving clients money in legal fees.  An attorney once told him that he would need four attorneys to do the same work output that Mr. Smykowski can accomplish alone.

He has been told many times that, if not for him, clients would be either unwilling or unable to afford the fees charged by other attorneys for this service, oftentimes exceeding $1,500.  Clients appreciate his no nonsense, direct approach to getting the job done while respecting his clients and fully understanding their wishes.

In much of his practice he compassionately assists clients and their families with difficult and unexpected end-of-life issues. By narrowing the scope of his services offered, he is very skilled in specific areas of practice resulting in high quality outstanding service to his clients and reduced legal fees.

Old School Analog Camera

David P. Smykowski

Estate planning has been the Smykowski Family business for more than 30 years and 40,000 trust clients. Growing up with his father practicing estate planning out of the family room, David Smykowski frequently assisted his father with his clients, as well as the office administration duties. At a young age, David knew that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and carry on the family legacy of providing affordable living trust estate plans at a flat rate.


A graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law, David focused his course studies on estate planning and trust law. Since graduating with honors from law school, David has been working closely with his father in San Diego to learn the ins and outs of running an estate planning practice.

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